Trans Are People Too

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Emmett Cummings, an Iowa teen, was told that he could not participate in the American Legion’s Boys State because he’s transgender. Boys State and Girls State are summer leadership programs for high school students run by the American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary. These programs involve mock trials, political campaigns, and journalism programs. This program is geared towards people who want to pursue careers in law and politics. The organization informed him via email that he could not participate because they wanted to “continue the existing practice of allowing only male participants in the Boys State program.” They also stated that the American Legion is exempt from Title IX’s prohibition on sex discrimination in education. State board member Daniel McClure stated that, “you must be male if you’re going to participate” in Boys State. He believed that Emmett would have to call all of the other participant’s parents and seek approval of him attending. After being denied his mother asked if Girls State was an option, but she was told that the program was full. I honestly believe that Trans are people too and they should be able to have the same privileges as anyone else.

Illiyha Gopher

Illiyha Gopher

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