So much to swallow

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Whew, everyday, we are constantly bombarded by STUFF. From hurricanes to knees, to Trump tweets to possible war conflicts. The only way to stay sane and have a soul is sometimes turning OFF the tv, unplug the phone and get into a HAPPY place. A happy place is the only way you can constantly stay above the fray of the endless amount of news coverage in this wayward world we live in. A church shooting, a riot in Saint Louis, devastation in Puerto Rico are just a couple headlines from ONE day of news coverage from last week. How does one process all this harsh news, and smile? You must limit the amount you are taking in, as well as understand that the constant coverage can play a huge role in your daily life. You might be having a great day, and having a successful day in the office, then you read your Facebook timeline and see a friend has passed. Instantly, your sun is dimmed and your mood shifts. Today’s advice, just find a happy place in order to survive in America 2017 and do not swallow everything.

David Long

David Long

I am a man with a purpose, trying to figure out life

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  1. Really great post, David! You’re right, we do need to smile more, and be careful of all the things we are consuming on a day-to-day basis. Great advice!

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