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The topic of this article focuses on the reasons as of why African American males are the most infected with HIV and AIDS in the United States. Not only are African American males more than likely to be withdrawn from society within the imprisonment system, but also within their health status by contracting this disease. Health institutions in the United States have conveyed their concerns on the rapid incline of statistics for HIV and AIDS in the communities of African Americans. The author was positioned to write this article, because of her true passion for the study of HIV and AIDS. The article was originally submitted as a dissertation to fulfil the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Psychology. She acknowledged her friends who continues battles with the disease and effortless support on finding a cure.

The author directly proceeds into what may be the cause of this deficit. She doesn’t hold back on the issues the African American community faces for this deficit to occur. She begins to list the excusable issues that may cause the rapid incline of the HIV and AIDS statistics. The topic of same sex relations amongst males, sexual conduct in the imprisonment system and tampered religious procedures are addressed. Those topics tend to be very touchy and almost prohibited in the African American community. However, it’s occurring and its killing African American men. It must be discussed, so that it could possibly be resolved.

Check out the website: http://0-proquest.com.sultan.tnstate.edu/docview/304704554?accountid=14275

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