The Rise and Fall and Come Back of Fox Television Show, “Empire”!

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Has Empire lost its luster? When it premiered on January 7, 2015, it was a television powerhouse with each week gaining new views to see the powerful Lyon family crush its foes while maintaining supreme level over rival music companies. Its stars were the electric Taraji P. Henson and Terrance Howard, whose storied film careers only made viewing more enjoyable. Season one had plenty of must see moments, as well jaw dropping scenes of Henson’s Cookie popping off at her foes. Season 2 was a letdown for many who quickly saw the Lyon family play second fiddle to the new characters in the hour long drama. A third season renewed interest and quickly we saw the Lyons battle it out among themselves and others trying to dethrone them. Now in season four, the ratings have cooled and we are still laughing at the iconic statements Cookie speaks every week, as well the soulful singing of middle son Jamal. Although the celebrities that guest star has not stopped, with Academy Award winning Forrest Whitaker and amazing actress Demi Moore playing supporting roles, I am not drawn in as I used to be. Could the love be lost, or have we seen everything we already wanted. I welcome you to revisit Empire and see the drama, fun, love and Cookie’s fashions. You will not be disappointed.

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