CDC Reports Record High STD Rates in 2016

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Recently the CDC released their annual STD surveillance report of the nation and what you may find is shocking! I want to keep this blog brief so you can feel the impact of this information. Some of the major highlights of the report include:

  • Louisiana and Mississippi had two of the highest rates of reported cases of secondary syphilis in the nation (there are 4 stages to Syphilis)
  • “Among HIV-positive MSM visiting SSuN STD clinics in 2016, urogenital chlamydia positivity was 8.6% and urogenital gonorrhea positivity was 14.0% (compared to 6.7% and 9.0%, respectively, among HIV-negative MSM)”
  • “Among HIV- positive MSM, 7.4% were diagnosed with P&S syphilis compared to 3.1% of HIV-negative MSM.”
  • “The number of reported P&S syphilis cases among MSM continued to rise in 2016 and the majority of P&S syphilis cases remained among MSM.”
  • “Estimated rates of reported gonorrhea incidence increased among MSM in SSuN jurisdictions in recent years.”

Please go and read the surveillance report for yourself. Despite the mistrust that we all have of the CDC from their past atrocities, you may find some of the CDC’s current findings very interesting.

CDC Surveillance Report (All information within report was gathered from the surveillance report)

Image Credit: https://www.cdc.gov/

If you would like to hear an interesting break down from The Young Turks, please watch the video below. Stay safe out there ya’ll and if you must, please make sure to wrap it up!





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