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The government has a Shutdown!

So for the second time this decade, we have a government shutdown. Are you SUPRISE’s? I am not. Washington, D.C. Continues to be clown central as both parties play games with the lives of the citizens who elected them. Although I agree and disagree plenty of times with the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I blame him for this latest mess. In 2013 he made a bold statement that the president and only the president should bear the blame of being the reason of a shutdown. With limited experience and lack of governmental operations, he assumed just getting everyone in the room would be enough to overcome the challenge of a shutdown. However, we have quickly learned that even with everyone present does not stop a shutdown. Although I think everyone in D.C. Needs a collective time out and sent to a corner to think, I know our government is better than this. With bold visionaries in both branches of government, they can achieve greatness. However I implore you think about what exactly is greatness. Is a border wall greatness? Is the DACA deal amazing? While most of these outlandish thoughts make many shudder, I think that many are noteworthy and possibly game changers. I have truly tried to subscribe to the “Make America Great Again” and its pledge. It is bold and unquestionably for our great land. The approach is not the most respectful and loving. But if we take a gander and allow this agenda¬†to.be¬†progressive and play out, the benefits might be worthwhile. So, while the shutdown continues, and we shake our head in disappointment at our elected officials, consider the alternative, think out of the box and truly allow your mind to ponder the bold moves the president is attempting.

David Long

David Long

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