Does Testing For HIV At Black Pride Events Cause Anxiety For Participants?

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Does testing for HIV at Black Pride events cause anxiety for those who are there just to party and have a good time? George M. Johnson is a writer, and LGBT activist. He is also someone who once ran testing for a CBO, and he understands the importance of hitting goals and getting numbers, especially from the Black LGBTQ community whose rates of infection are still running at an epidemic level. However, he became fed up when he attended Black Pride in Washington, D.C., and the many black LGBT organizations were on deck hitting up participants as they stood in line for a party. He shared how this experience can cause anxiety, frustration, and embarrassment for those who may feel pressured, or having to make an excuse of why they don’t want to get tested at an event where they just want to dance, and have a good time. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, and check out his opinion piece here:¬†http://www.hivequal.org/hiv-equal-online/opinion-i-m-tired-of-testing-at-black-pride

Terrance Dean

Terrance Dean

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