Are You On PrEP?

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By Nasir Omar

PrEP is the cure that we have been waiting for. Imagine, thirty years ago in the 1980s, if a pill existed that could make your chances of acquiring HIV virtually null if taken daily.


PrEP is a testament that shows just how far research have come since HIV/AIDS arrived in the 1980s. This pill provides a promise of hopefulness in our time of finally curing the HIV virus once and for all.

Working in HIV prevention, I was surprised to hear that many had not previously heard of PrEP . We have powerful breakthroughs in HIV/AIDS awareness and treatment that it does not disseminate into the population creating awareness. Not only is it key that we fund the research and development toward the end of HIV prevention, we also need to pay keen attention to how we share the results of this research to those affected.

PrEP is an significant milestone in the fight against HIV and it also shows us the long way we have to go in spreading awareness.

To learn more about PrEP, check out the link: http://www.whatisprep.org/
And, also, the following link: http://www.prepsquaddc.org/
Terrance Dean

Terrance Dean

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