The Dangers of Being An HIV “Celebrity”

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Let’s face it, HIV is a business, especially for those who are looking to score funding dollars, sponsorship, resources, and front door and window space at conferences. The industry of HIV has also created many celebrities, i.e., talking heads, scholars, and intellectuals, those who make a name traveling to conferences, attending workshops, and being spokespersons and brand ambassadors for the disease, and pharmaceutical companies. It comes with a cost, and sometimes it can overshadow the small and struggling organizations who are seeking funding dollars and support.

Activist, George M. Johnson, shares his experience, and what he’s observed in the field and market of HIV and “celebrity” brand ambassadors who may do more harm than good in the fight against HIV and prevention. Check out the story, here: http://www.hivequal.org/hiv-equal-online/the-dangers-of-being-an-hiv-celebrity

Terrance Dean

Terrance Dean

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