We “HUMP” Day Feature: The New Photo Book “Hermoso” by Ernest Montgomery

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For many years, Ernest Montgomery has photographed men of the Dominican Republic. His first photo book, Dominicanos, is a best-seller. Now follows a second volume of his most erotic works: Hermoso. The title of the book alludes to what awaits us inside: the most beautiful men of the Dominican Republic, photographed by an outstanding artist.

Check out the website for the book, Hermoso, and make sure to get your copy for your coffee table. Yeah, it’s definitely a conversation piece! Hermoso is a Spanish word meaning handsome, beautiful. It is an aesthetic one embodies and possesses naturally. In this new project, Ernest Montgomery captures Dominican men in intimate and seductive scenes throughout Santo Domingo, Bonao, and other places. These rural communities are filled with hardworking men, laborers, barbers, taxi drivers, sports players, and small businessmen who are fathers, uncles, brothers, and looking to provide for their families and their communities. They are determined men who dream and dream big. Hermoso is available for purchase from either Amazon or from the photographer himself on his website: www.leestudiosnyc.com


Terrance Dean

Terrance Dean

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